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Kurt and Spaghettification

So my deadbeat brother called me today and said that he broke his garage door and luckily the guys at garageatlanta911 were there to help him. I was annoyed by his specificity because I don’t care what company fixed his garage door or the fact that it was the ‘torsion spring’ that had snapped, and he told me that the guy told him that it “doesn’t ever really happen.” So I looked up torsion springs, and apparently these things are wound super tight, and it started to make me think about things unwinding and we haven’t done a space theme one since a few days ago so here’s SPAGHETTIFICATION!

black holeSo the concept is this: If you are approaching a black hole, there is this point called the event horizon. The event horizon is when you cross the threshold of gravity which means that once you pass that point, you are going to the center of the black hole, quickly. This is where spaghettification occurs. You are approaching the black hole so fast that your lower limbs and extremities are being pulled apart faster than the rest of your body so for the last remaining moments of your life you are watching yourself being stretched into the oblivion!

Now this is totally true, happens to stars all the time. But a lot of people are debating the nature of black holes in pertinence to wormholes, and this is in direct correlation with the fate of Red Skull from the first Captain America story. The red skull gets beamed up through the tesseract never to be seen again. Maybe he will reappear in Infinity Wars?

But more importantly regarding spaghettification and particle destabilization, it’s hard to understand the true fate of Red Skull. Technically he has been disassembled and reassembled into a different place in time, but what does that mean for him? Were the patterns similar?wormhole

I believe that he has been reassembled and will return, but it is hard to tell, why would they remove such an iconic character? Especially since he was not officially killed off, he could very well make a viable return, unlike what happens inside black holes. He was deliberately sent off in a type of wormhole, but a black hole is nothing but compacted starmatter that refuses to escape until it spirals out of control, becomes a pulsar and then explodes. As is what happens with all matter in the galaxy, it simply is uncontrollable and irascible.

So there you have it. Black Hole: Infinite compressed death. Worm Hole: The Fate of Red Skull at the end of Captain America. That’s the best way of looking at it. There’s a chance of Red Skull returning because he went through a worm hole, if he went through a black hole there would be absolutely no way that he would be coming back. Good riddance, nobody likes Nazis.