Kurt and The Ship of Theseus

So I was sitting around all day waiting to rewatch a fight scene from Daredevil on YouTube when all of the sudden a commercial came on for MDM commercial, and it got me thinking. Apparently, they provide products and services for healthcare and lodging for medical facilities. So that got me to thinking if you replace all of the furniture and parts of a medical room, is it the same medical room?stone


The ship of Theseus is one of my favorite philosophical concepts and it is so brilliantly portrayed in the movie/book ‘John Dies at the end.’ The concept is this. IF you have a ship which makes it’s journey and on the way, you have to replace the sails. Then you have to replace the body. Then you have to replace the bow; then you have to replace the stern. When the ship of Theseus arrives at it’s destination, is it still the ship of Theseus?

It promotes a fantastic concept of identity. But does it apply to humans? Well, every seven to ten years, all of the cells in your body have been replaced. These are the building blocks that are your body, so technically this rendition of you is a trained version of who you are that has been assimilated through the basic concepts of cell life. Similar to how all of the cells in Bruce Banner’s body have adjusted to being infused with Gamma. While they are fine at their base state, with the addition of adrenaline these cells uniformly swell and become gamma extended and can sustain this way until there is no more adrenaline. But the positive feedback loop of an enlarged adrenal gland and increased response to adrenaline creates the perpetually stronger Hulk that we see in the five rules of the Hulk.

But if that isn’t small enough for you. The particles in our body are constantly shifting. Under the microscope we are all bounding and moving at the same time so while we may all recognize and see the physical form that each and everyone of us takes, there is a particle version of us that is just constantly bouncing, colliding with other particles and taking on new shapes.The thing

So depending on your perception of the human body we are either the banner form and able to change and teach our body new things with new cells and cell adaptation. Or we are Ultron in the Marvel movie Age of Ultron. We choose to recognize that we are tethered to this physical form. However there is this spirit form of us that can move in the particular space. Wow, Ultron may be the titanic size of intimidation voiced by James Spader. Instead, we are closer to the ethereal and mechanical form of Ultron, also voiced by James Spader. So yes, I think that we are all walking embodiments of the ship of Theseus. We are physical as often as we are interchangeable, and the world is better off accepting this fact. We are not permanent; we are finite.