Kurt and the Allegory of the Cave

The cave

Kurt on the Cave

Kurt here! Today I’m going to tell you about a special sort of cave. The sort of cave that has been talked about for over two millennia now. I’m talking about Plato’s cave. The Allegory of the Cave. The concept is very simple but let’s talk our way through this the way Morpheus explained things to Neo.
Right off the bat, this story is clearly about the concept of reality itself. The story begins with the idea that if children are bound to a cave from an early age with only their shadows to give them company, would they assimilate to the shadow? The best example being that the cave is angled in such a way that they can associate sounds and cues with the shadows they see from the mouth of the cave. When they saw an object pass by like a cow, they see the shadow of the cow, smell it, understand it, but do they see the cow?

Then Plato, the genius that he is, surmises that if they were to leave the cow would they be able to identify the cow? More importantly, would they be able to identify anything? If your world is black, white, and fire, what happens when you see grass for the first time? Would you be able to contemplate your surroundings? What would be the reality for these little babes?

I believe that the answer is simple, the mind is a very adaptive place and depending on how long you are down there for you would be able to assimilate to it. Just look at Neo in the Matrix, when he was asking why his eyes hurt “Because you’ve never used them before.” But he is still using his eyes; they would adjust, reality would still exist, they would simply add depth to it.
the matrix
The upcoming Marvel masterpiece Doctor Strange will deal with this I imagine. Similar to how they briefly explore the micro-verse in Ant-man, I believe they will explore the multiple dimensions in Doctor Strange in a way that is very exciting and also informative. For example instead of understanding the different dimensions and the true identity of one entity, Doctor Strange will have to understand the different dimensions and the true identity of himself. The story is phrasing it in such a way that shows the development of multiple selves.

I believe the answers are out there; reality may be subjective to our psyche, but the reviews for Marvel movies are objectively great. I believe any of the future questions in regards to the cave and the concept of self and identity will be fully explored by Marvel studios in a manner that is both provocative and exciting. What a time to be alive? Or are we alive? We just have to wait and see on the newest season of Agents of Shield in which Ghost Rider has been announcing as a new character. What are the implications of the Penance stare in regards to the main characters of the series?