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Hello, my name is Kurt Anholts, and I write thought provoking articles about thought and the nature of intelligence. Sherk is the name of my dog who ran away when I was ten and my father looked down at me, and he told me “Sometimes you have to let things go, like that brain of yours.” I’ve been trying to make sense of the world ever since.

Kurt Anholts

In here is the key.

If you have any questions about existence, intelligence, the nature of the world or the Marvel Extended universe (specifically Daredevil on Netflix) let me know. Drop me a line below; I’m always checking my e-mail. If I don’t get back to you I’ve probably made a breakthrough on the nature of intelligence and am carving my answers into a tree somewhere because I believe that knowledge should be passed through nature and next all of the lovey-dovey sentiments could possible be a thought so profound that they can sit down next to each other and wonder ‘what is’ or maybe question why Elektra ended up where she did at the end of the season or what could be at the bottom of the hole. Let me know what’s on your mind.

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