the sun

Kurt and the Analogy of the Sun

I was watching tv (as I do) again and this time, I saw questions asking me “Am I SAFE?” I thought to myself that the doors were locked and that there wasn’t anyone there to harm me. So I told the screen that I was indeed safe. And it runs out that SAFE is the name of the company that does fire, emergency and safety installations around the state that I live in. While I felt deceived by the advertisement, it got me to start thinking about the nature of truth and thus I began to wonder about the analogy of the sun.thing2

Plato was asking Socrates (as he does) about the nature of goodness and what does it mean to be a good person? Socrates says he is unable to answer the question. Not for lack of rhetorical specificity regarding being good in the moral dilemma or being good regarding being skilled, but rather, he felt he was unfit to answer the question, and so he responded thus:

“there is a child of goodness.” The child of goodness shared information and insight with all the people and everywhere she went people didn’t feel fear because they knew they had the truth. It turns this child of goodness was the light from the sun. The light illuminates and informs, and the essence of goodness is truth and knowledge. The moral complexities are muddled in light of new information, truth and withheld information. As was seen in the final act of Captain America: Civil War.

You see the entire movie and really for a few movies now; Captain America has known that it was his best friend Bucky who had killed Tony Stark’s father. He purposefully withheld this information, and when it was revealed to Iron Man, the reason no longer stayed in the conversation. The entire movie revolves around truth. Truth, identity, responsibility. Bucky didn’t intend to kill his father, he was brainwashed as a soldier and ran away.the truth and pressure

Iron Man does want to genuinely kill The winter soldier, but only after learning the truth. But none of this story is goodness. This is all revenge and muddled emotions. The people who are here are good people in terrible circumstances, and they are tearing each other apart because of the truth, because of this new information.

The allegory of the sun has become the allegory of the son of Howard Stark. In Tony, Howard and his wife can find their revenge even though it wasn’t what they were searching for. Tony is struggling to be a good person the whole time, and yet him and his flame-painted iron suit, cannot hope to represent the goodness or what to do when you are dealt a heavy truth. That is why the story is so tragic; it’s not how the truth is dealt but how we deal with the truth that defines us.

they call me spaceman

Kurt and Spaghettification

So my deadbeat brother called me today and said that he broke his garage door and luckily the guys at garageatlanta911 were there to help him. I was annoyed by his specificity because I don’t care what company fixed his garage door or the fact that it was the ‘torsion spring’ that had snapped, and he told me that the guy told him that it “doesn’t ever really happen.” So I looked up torsion springs, and apparently these things are wound super tight, and it started to make me think about things unwinding and we haven’t done a space theme one since a few days ago so here’s SPAGHETTIFICATION!

black holeSo the concept is this: If you are approaching a black hole, there is this point called the event horizon. The event horizon is when you cross the threshold of gravity which means that once you pass that point, you are going to the center of the black hole, quickly. This is where spaghettification occurs. You are approaching the black hole so fast that your lower limbs and extremities are being pulled apart faster than the rest of your body so for the last remaining moments of your life you are watching yourself being stretched into the oblivion!

Now this is totally true, happens to stars all the time. But a lot of people are debating the nature of black holes in pertinence to wormholes, and this is in direct correlation with the fate of Red Skull from the first Captain America story. The red skull gets beamed up through the tesseract never to be seen again. Maybe he will reappear in Infinity Wars?

But more importantly regarding spaghettification and particle destabilization, it’s hard to understand the true fate of Red Skull. Technically he has been disassembled and reassembled into a different place in time, but what does that mean for him? Were the patterns similar?wormhole

I believe that he has been reassembled and will return, but it is hard to tell, why would they remove such an iconic character? Especially since he was not officially killed off, he could very well make a viable return, unlike what happens inside black holes. He was deliberately sent off in a type of wormhole, but a black hole is nothing but compacted starmatter that refuses to escape until it spirals out of control, becomes a pulsar and then explodes. As is what happens with all matter in the galaxy, it simply is uncontrollable and irascible.

So there you have it. Black Hole: Infinite compressed death. Worm Hole: The Fate of Red Skull at the end of Captain America. That’s the best way of looking at it. There’s a chance of Red Skull returning because he went through a worm hole, if he went through a black hole there would be absolutely no way that he would be coming back. Good riddance, nobody likes Nazis.


Kurt and The Ship of Theseus

So I was sitting around all day waiting to rewatch a fight scene from Daredevil on YouTube when all of the sudden a commercial came on for MDM commercial, and it got me thinking. Apparently, they provide products and services for healthcare and lodging for medical facilities. So that got me to thinking if you replace all of the furniture and parts of a medical room, is it the same medical room?stone


The ship of Theseus is one of my favorite philosophical concepts and it is so brilliantly portrayed in the movie/book ‘John Dies at the end.’ The concept is this. IF you have a ship which makes it’s journey and on the way, you have to replace the sails. Then you have to replace the body. Then you have to replace the bow; then you have to replace the stern. When the ship of Theseus arrives at it’s destination, is it still the ship of Theseus?

It promotes a fantastic concept of identity. But does it apply to humans? Well, every seven to ten years, all of the cells in your body have been replaced. These are the building blocks that are your body, so technically this rendition of you is a trained version of who you are that has been assimilated through the basic concepts of cell life. Similar to how all of the cells in Bruce Banner’s body have adjusted to being infused with Gamma. While they are fine at their base state, with the addition of adrenaline these cells uniformly swell and become gamma extended and can sustain this way until there is no more adrenaline. But the positive feedback loop of an enlarged adrenal gland and increased response to adrenaline creates the perpetually stronger Hulk that we see in the five rules of the Hulk.

But if that isn’t small enough for you. The particles in our body are constantly shifting. Under the microscope we are all bounding and moving at the same time so while we may all recognize and see the physical form that each and everyone of us takes, there is a particle version of us that is just constantly bouncing, colliding with other particles and taking on new shapes.The thing

So depending on your perception of the human body we are either the banner form and able to change and teach our body new things with new cells and cell adaptation. Or we are Ultron in the Marvel movie Age of Ultron. We choose to recognize that we are tethered to this physical form. However there is this spirit form of us that can move in the particular space. Wow, Ultron may be the titanic size of intimidation voiced by James Spader. Instead, we are closer to the ethereal and mechanical form of Ultron, also voiced by James Spader. So yes, I think that we are all walking embodiments of the ship of Theseus. We are physical as often as we are interchangeable, and the world is better off accepting this fact. We are not permanent; we are finite.

Space Elevator

Kurt and Superstructures

So my brother recently received a job working for ring power systems. Good for him, he can do manual labor a make a name for himself. He’s always been the runt of the litter, but there was a curious discussion we had in regards to his employment. I said “So you do construction? Do you do superstructure construction?” He replied, “No, we just do regular construction, but mostly we sell or rent the materials for construction.

What a fool, I was hinting at the fact that ring power sounds like ringworlds, the famous superstructure from the book, Ringworld. The idea is that there is this giant world that orbits a planet, and the world is a ring. It is one of the most brilliant pieces of literature, and so I figured I’d tackle a few of my favorite superstructures.Wormhole/Topopolis

Dyson Shell – Easily the coolest conceptual superstructure. This is a mechanical shell or shell theorem that would be built around a star to harvest the maximum amount of energy plausible. While it does come up in star trek, my favorite examples are what it does to the psyches of the people in Warhammer 40,000.

Topopolis – The to propolis is a centrifuge that creates artificial gravity. These large superstructures would extend for hundreds of millions of miles and be only a couple hundred million miles wide. This would be very similar to the types of interdimensional gates that Thor uses in most of his movies, most notably Thor 2: The Dark World. Heimdall opened the Bifrost, and it appeared very colorful and very similar to the type of galactic structure that would be present.

The Shkadov thruster – A Stellar Engine that is designed to take the majority of light produced by the sun and redirect that energy to propel the sun in a different direction. The initial concept uses several Dyson rings to be able to redirect the energy efficiently. While I’m not as fond of Dyson rings as I am Dyson shells, or Dyson spheres (see above) I do believe that this would be the best example of how to maintain our space system efficiently and to help propel us to a Tier 1 civilization.Ring Colony

The Space elevator – Otherwise known as, the inevitable downfall of humanity. The Space Elevator might be the greatest accomplishment that mankind can accomplish within the next thousand years. The concept is that tether a massive structure to the center of the ocean and shooting it beyond our gravitational pull to a counterweight, so as to not disrupt our field, would allow us to ferry people back and forth in an effective manner. This plan is great on paper because we will be able to send people to and from space with ease, it would decimate our fuel usage for escape velocity. However, if we make one mistake, we’re done. Too much weight on the counterweight will mean that we are flung away from our sun and into the cold death. Or toward the sun and we will incinerate. The concept is a worthwhile investment, but the risk is impossibly high because to increase our efficiency we would have to risk everything. While the reward is great, there is no reset button.

The cave

Kurt and the Allegory of the Cave

Kurt on the Cave

Kurt here! Today I’m going to tell you about a special sort of cave. The sort of cave that has been talked about for over two millennia now. I’m talking about Plato’s cave. The Allegory of the Cave. The concept is very simple but let’s talk our way through this the way Morpheus explained things to Neo.
Right off the bat, this story is clearly about the concept of reality itself. The story begins with the idea that if children are bound to a cave from an early age with only their shadows to give them company, would they assimilate to the shadow? The best example being that the cave is angled in such a way that they can associate sounds and cues with the shadows they see from the mouth of the cave. When they saw an object pass by like a cow, they see the shadow of the cow, smell it, understand it, but do they see the cow?

Then Plato, the genius that he is, surmises that if they were to leave the cow would they be able to identify the cow? More importantly, would they be able to identify anything? If your world is black, white, and fire, what happens when you see grass for the first time? Would you be able to contemplate your surroundings? What would be the reality for these little babes?

I believe that the answer is simple, the mind is a very adaptive place and depending on how long you are down there for you would be able to assimilate to it. Just look at Neo in the Matrix, when he was asking why his eyes hurt “Because you’ve never used them before.” But he is still using his eyes; they would adjust, reality would still exist, they would simply add depth to it.
the matrix
The upcoming Marvel masterpiece Doctor Strange will deal with this I imagine. Similar to how they briefly explore the micro-verse in Ant-man, I believe they will explore the multiple dimensions in Doctor Strange in a way that is very exciting and also informative. For example instead of understanding the different dimensions and the true identity of one entity, Doctor Strange will have to understand the different dimensions and the true identity of himself. The story is phrasing it in such a way that shows the development of multiple selves.

I believe the answers are out there; reality may be subjective to our psyche, but the reviews for Marvel movies are objectively great. I believe any of the future questions in regards to the cave and the concept of self and identity will be fully explored by Marvel studios in a manner that is both provocative and exciting. What a time to be alive? Or are we alive? We just have to wait and see on the newest season of Agents of Shield in which Ghost Rider has been announcing as a new character. What are the implications of the Penance stare in regards to the main characters of the series?